AG Sessions Promises to Blackmail Sanctuary Cities

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced today he’ll begin punishing sanctuary cities, withholding potentially billions of dollars in federal money — and even clawing back funds that had been doled out in the past. Speaking at the White House, Mr. Sessions said his department is preparing to dole out more than $4 billion in funds this year, but will try prevent any of it from going to sanctuaries. “Countless Americans would be alive today … if these policies of sanctuary cities were ended,” Mr. … [Read more...]

Don’t Be a Beastly Christian

Don't Be a Beastly Christian by Christina Forrester ***May contain some spoilers on new additions to the live-action remake*** Like so many other little girls, Belle was a role model to me growing up. Beauty and the Beast always has been my favorite Disney film (a BIG deal for a Disney freak like myself) and favorite animated film of all time, and Belle my favorite “princess.” But I always saw her differently, as more of a strong female figure who embodied my own independent … [Read more...]

We Must Resist Trump’s Immoral Budget

Trump's new proposed budget would destroy countless lives and hurt the most vulnerable in our society, and we as Christians are outraged. President Trump has proposed a budget that will increase military spending by 54 billion at the expense of things like... Meals on Wheels National Endowment of the Arts PBS Housing programs Homeless shelters WIC - aid to low-income mothers and infants Home energy assistance, which keeps struggling families from freezing to death The … [Read more...]

Putting “the neighbor” above myself

When we vote, we often vote our self-interest. If you're a woman, you probably want equal pay for equal work and reproductive freedom - so you vote for the candidate who will give it to you. Perhaps you're a worker - and want the minimum wage to be raised. You vote for the person who seems to care about workers. You have a pre-existing condition, and you vote for who you think will vote for a health care plan that will protect you. This year, I find myself in a different position than usual. … [Read more...]

New GOP Obamacare Replacement Is Far From “Pro-Life,” Making the Vulnerable More Vulnerable

Republicans just released their replacement plan for the Affordable Care Act, and while they are set to keep some of the more popular parts of Obamacare, such as pre-existing conditions and allowing young adults to stay on their parents' plan, it also contains new laws that will make it harder for people who are low income to keep their health insurance and worse. Don't let the few popular provisions that the House GOP left in the Obamacare replacement fool you - this bill is just another … [Read more...]

Watch What They Do, Not What They Say

By Christina Forrester It was obvious President Trump had a different tone last night – that cannot be denied. The words were better, the presentation was better. Some of the ideas and rationale behind it were even good. Breaking the cycle of poverty? Yes, obviously, Democrats will get behind that. But I love what Rachel Maddow has been saying, and I have begun to adopt this same motto with this administration: “Watch what they do, not what they say.” Just hours before the “new tone” and … [Read more...]

Who Holds Our Moral Compass?

Who Holds Our Moral Compass? Who Carries Moral Authority? by Linda Seger Many of us seek some moral authority -a person or group who is a guiding light about important moral and ethical issues. Others set themselves up as the moral compass for our country - asking us to look to them for those sometimes-blurry lines about moral and spiritual truth. In the 1960's and 1970's the ‘Silent Majority’ were considered by Nixon and others to be the stalwart moral force in our country. They were … [Read more...]

Bibles are on their way to Washington

The Bibles are on their way to Washington! Last month we considered what kind of protest Christian Democrats could uniquely hold, that would make a statement to the incoming administration, gain media visibility and speak to the country about where Christian Democrats stand...and that we have a strong voice that needs to be heard! We decided to send Bibles with scriptures about taking care of the poor and the stranger, not abandoning those in need, and the judgment nations face for oppressing … [Read more...]

“Christian Author” Says Americans in the Women’s March Were of the Devil

Dr. Lance Wallnau, author of "God's Chaos Candidate" declared on the Jim Bakker Show that the marchers who came out to the Women's March on Washington were children of the devil. We hate posting things like this because it is so ugly, so anti-Christ, so sickening...but you need to know what we are dealing with and why we stress so strongly how important it is that we make our voices heard. We also believe it is important to call out the Pharisees as Jesus did. This is just one radical example of … [Read more...]


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Washington, D.C.) Christian Democrats of America (CDA), an organization committed to reforming social injustices, being a voice for those without a voice, and changing the perception of Christian values in action worldwide, announces the launch of the National Directory of Safe Churches initiative (NDSC). Every day Christian Democrats, progressives, LGBTQ, immigrants, refugees and diverse populations are reaching out to look for a church that is welcoming to all, stands … [Read more...]