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What Would Jesus Pod – Can Justice and Mercy Win in Alabama? Interview With Tabitha Isner, Congressional Candidate

CDA endorsed Congressional candidate in Alabama Tabitha Isner joins us for a real discussion on what it means to be a Christian Democrat in a red state, and what family values really mean to her. Also commentary on politics, news and issues facing our country, and why no human is “illegal” according to the Bible.

What Would Jesus Pod? Episode 6 – Why Do Conservative Christians Support Trump?

Special guest Terry Heaton, Executive Producer for the 700 Club in the 1980’s, shares his unique insight into Pat Robertson, the Religious Right and why 80% of white Evangelicals voted for Trump. Also, commentary on today's news, and the Arizona Senate candidate who wants to put an end to American diversity. This is the place

The Dangers of Radicalized Christianity in Government

By Justin Anderson I'd like to take a moment to explain the difference between religion and government. Religion is the moral map for individuals to live their lives by. These developed beliefs can come from a wide array of writings and teachings. There are many religions in this world and they each hold different things

What Would Jesus Pod? Scott Pruitt, Bill Shine, Jim Jordan – “God Help America!”

Scott Pruitt is out (along with fake chicken religion?), Bill Shine is in (along with his skill to cover-up sexual misconduct allegations), and Jim Jordan might be in trouble. Interview with Democratic Congressional candidate of Arizona’s 6th district, Garrick McFadden. Closing argument: “God HELP America” vs. “God BLESS America.” Garrick McFadden is Arizona's 6th District

“What Would Jesus Pod?” Episode Four with Arizona Gubernatorial Nominee Kelly Fryer: Can a Gay Christian Minister Win in AZ?

In-depth interview with Kelly Fryer, former Lutheran minister who, if elected, would be the first openly lesbian governor in the U.S. Tackling major news, part-2 of a special report on the far-right's plan to dismantle education, and closing remarks to Christians who want to make America great again. https://fryerforarizona.com/ Can a Christian minister/Democrat/lesbian become

What Would Jesus Pod? Episode Two with Arizona Congressional Candidate Joan Greene

What Would Jesus Pod? Episode Two with Arizona District 5 Democratic Congressional candidate Joan Greene. We are talking corruption in politics, the wealth gap, the immoral and un-Biblical policy of separating children from their families at the border, why Trump is wrong and lying to you about tariffs and trade deficits, and a special

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