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What Would Jesus Pod? Episode 15 – A Hurricane of Trump Depravity. Special Guest Interview with Karín Sandiford, GA House Candidate

Covering the stories of the week (FEMA funds going to ICE, Florence, Christian refugees left out in the cold, Puerto Rico...) that all add up to a hurricane of Trump administration depravity. Special guest interview with Karín Sandiford, CDA-endorsed candidate for Georgia House District 46. With hosts Christina Forrester and Justin Anderson. Listen to our podcast

America Hijacked by the Freedom Caucus

America Hijacked by the Freedom Caucus by Justin Anderson The extreme “conservative” fringe of our American political landscape has hijacked two words of our language and is using them against voters.  These words are used as double entendres and meant to specifically disrupt our thought because they have been traditionally used in a different way.

What Would Jesus Pod? Episode 14 – The Front Lines on Immigration and Family Separation: Our In-Depth Interview with Amalia Luxardo of the Florence Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project

Amalia Luxardo Special in-depth interview with Amalia Luxardo, the Development & Research Director at the Florence Immigrant & Refugee Rights Project, the only organization in Arizona working directly with immigrant children and families. Hear a first-hand account of what is happening at the border, with family separation, children who have been left behind

What Would Jesus Pod? Episode 13: Tribute to John McCain and Interview with GA House Candidate Josh McCall

Josh McCall, Georgia 9th District House Candidatemccallforall.comtwitter.com/mccallforallfacebook.com/mccallforall WWJP Episode 13 features an interview with CDA-endorsed Georgia House District 9 Candidate Josh McCall, an outspoken Christian Democratic candidate, and coverage of the new hurricane death toll in Puerto Rico. Also a special tribute to Senator John McCain. The place where REAL Christian values meets

What Would Jesus Pod Episode 11 – Arkansas Democrats with Civil Rights Icon Annie Abrams

What Would Jesus Pod Episode 11 recorded from TYT Network in LA! Featuring Arkansas Democrats panel with Rep. Michael Gray, CDA AR Representative Sharl Hill and Civil Rights leader Annie Abrams, who was a mentor to Presidents Clinton and Obama and co-founder of the AR Black Caucus. Hear Annie's stories, motivation and how Arkansas Christian

What Would Jesus Pod Episode 10 – Congressional Nominee Jana Lynn Sanchez Is Ready to Turn Texas Blue

Jana Lynn Sanchez, CDA-endorsed candidate for Congress in Texas District 6, joins us on episode 10 of What Would Jesus Pod – the place real Christian values meets politics. Also in this episode: the Trump administration’s attack on LEGAL immigrants, elections, and Christina Forrester talks about religious peer pressure and Vicky Beeching’s book ‘Undivided.’ Listen

Breaking Religious Peer Pressure: Christian Democrats, the Church and the Vicky Beeching Story

For many years now, I have received daily messages from people of all ages, in all areas of the country, who have been living under the oppression of religious peer-pressure. The message is so familiar I have it memorized at this point – their church, and many times family, support a very conservative brand of

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