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Freewill: “Freedom of choice, lifestyle, religion, etc., are basic human rights given by our Creator.”

Our most fundamental right as a human being is that of free will. From the beginning our Creator gave us this decision-making power. If we begin to legislate sin in this country, where does that lead us? Straight back into the middle-ages with a Church dictatorship in authority with witch hunts and burnings! In that case, no one would be free – not Christians either.

Yes, the Bible does say it is sin to live in “moral sins” (sexual sin, drunkenness/drugs, murder, etc.), however, it also says, most often in the same place of scripture, that it is sin to lie, cheat, be unkind or rude, and deny rights and goods to the poor and oppressed! Virtually the entire country would have no rights if we follow this line of reasoning, including those we vote into power over us. We live in a fallen world – none is without sin – and we have the right to choose a path that is destructive or life-giving.

What we can do, as Christians, is help point others in the way of the life-giving, loving God that we serve. We can’t force them – but we can pray and show them, by striving to show them how they can be free in Christ and He can meet all the needs they are trying to fill in all the wrong ways. Most of all, we should follow the examples Jesus gave us; a great one is John 4: 4-26. Look closely at how Jesus spoke to this woman, who was caught in great sin.



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